works & Words

Sometimes there are words , they want to be written down with an image.

Forming in the back of my head while working on a image or they come when I am finished with a work.

Mostly very personal, thoughts that occupy my mind

Here are a few examples:




"How can one yearn

For something one never had?

How can one feel

something one never touched?

Dreams, nourishing one's soul. "




"There is a land,

That's just for me.

It comforts my soul,

Puts my mind to ease.

And you, my Dear,

Can't follow me there. 


I only hear Silence


"I watch out for you

But I only hear silence

And see just traces left

From what was once you."




"All those treasured moments
Will be lost the next morning.
Like a flock of startled birds
departing into a one clouded sky."

Quest for Solitude


"Aloneness isn't lonesome,

It's rather liberating to not have to handle crowds"

 The Guardian


"I am the Guardian of  your soul,

The gatherer of your dreams,

The keeper of your secrets,

The voice that speaks to you, 

The listener to your thoughts,

I am the companion of your life."